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Lighting switch controller

Lighting switch controller

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  • Release time:2022-03-09 13:52:33
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Lighting switch controller



●  Lighting controllers 

●  AC 220V operating voltage 

●  4 dry contact inputs 

●  4 x 25A relay outputs (with manual switch)

●  DC24V, DC12V sensor power supply

●  1 sensor access

●  1 RS485 panel input


The main function is the input of the remote lighting switch, which controls the switch of the lighting circuit. It can be operated stand-alone or networked. The communication interface is RS485, the communication protocol is BACnet MS/TP, the baud rate is 9600~76.8K bps, and the default is 38.4K bps.

Built-in direct controller application

The lighting controller uses independent direct digital control (DDC) to provide monitoring of the lighting circuit. The controller has the following functions:

● Switch control

● Schedule control

● Mode control

List of input and output points

analog pointdigital pointanalog pointdigital point

Mechanical Design

Housing The PCL0404 controller is a compact unit according to DIN 43 880 Gr. 1.

Mounting Methods The PCL0404 controller has the following mounting methods:

Installed in standard electrical control box according to DIN 43 880 standard rail

●Wall mounted in protective enclosure

●Installation from the front with standard mounting elements (screws)

Technical data 

power supply

 Operating Voltage

 AC 220V ±20%




 Cortex M3 





 Power consumption



 Communication Interface

 RS485 interface


 transport environment




 <95% RH

 working environment




 <95% RH

 IP rating

 IP20 EN60529

 Product Standards

 Standard for automatic control of air-conditioning related applications

 EN 60730

 Controller size

 143mm X 90mm X67mm (L X W X H)

 address definition

 Device Instance and MAC address are defined by software

Installation size drawing (unit: mm):


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