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Address:The fourth floor of Block B, Wuyanqiao Industrial Village, No. 388 Fangxing Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Rogerwell Control System Limited was founded. The company's core business is to design, supply, and install Building Automation Systems, Energy Management Systems, Chiller Plant Control Systems, Environmental Monitoring Systems, low-voltage frequency conversion cabinets, energy-saving control cabinets, and low-voltage electrical appliances for customers.


In 2011, we began developing BACnet products on the ARM architecture. The air-conditioning automatic control, building automatic control, and energy billing and management systems were created by the company's R&D team. We are a high-tech company with our own intellectual property and research and development capabilities. We devote ourselves to researching the core technologies of energy saving, breaking through difficulties, and realizing the application of IT, database, and automatic control technology in energy saving and emission reduction and construction, all while adhering to the spirit of concentration, concentration, and professionalism. The novel application in the field of intelligence addresses the issue of energy data integration across regional, system, and professional boundaries in order to achieve the energy-saving effect of low input, high output, and effective and convenient expansion.


This technology offers a computer-based all-weather dynamic energy management and optimization solution for energy conservation in a range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and transportation. Energy consumption nodes perform real-time dynamic monitoring, statistics, analysis, and trend prediction of energy data and energy material flow between regions, buildings, and equipment, as well as sorting, optimization, control, and reasonable allocation in order to form building communities and regional distribution. Integrated energy control, optimization, maintenance, and redistribution for individual buildings Simultaneously, it detects the operating conditions and fault alarms of various energy-consuming devices or equipment in the region, uses professional methods to apply adaptive control optimization of energy-consuming equipment technology, logic, and process, and achieves maximum efficiency.


Rogerwell is the first company in China to introduce a BACnet-based energy- and time-based air conditioning billing system that can be coupled with a building automation system to ease equipment control and energy consumption monitoring.


Rogerwell offers detection, control, and energy-saving solutions to customers, as well as substantial field skills and professional knowledge, as well as the ability to design custom products.


We are more than a product seller; we also provide complete solutions, advice, and training, and we want to be a satisfied partner.


"Intelligent Building" magazine designated Rogerwell one of the top ten innovative brand firms of construction equipment monitoring systems from 2014 to 2019. In 2021, it will be named one of the top projects by the "Intelligent Building" magazine.


It was named Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Little Giant Enterprise in 2016. 

We have been certified as a "National High-tech Enterprise" between 2017 and 2020.