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Product Service Policy

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Measures of service

1. Telephone technical support

The technical telephone support center is customer-oriented, and the 5X8-hour telephone support center is a unified window for after-sales technical services, with agents (operators) and engineers on duty to serve customers during 5X8 hours. The online support center in Guangzhou provides technical support to Roger Well Control customers and mobilizes the integrated support center's national resources to handle customer problems based on the situation of customer failure.


2. Support for remote networking

 Based on the information provided by the customer, Roger Well's engineers can offer a preliminary diagnostic. They can directly log in to the user's network, remote desktop, etc. with the customer's permission to enter the malfunctioning system for remote system diagnostics and maintenance. We can work with our company's own experts to undertake in-depth analysis and diagnosis as necessary.


3. Support services on-site

If the remote diagnostic assistance service is unable to resolve the issue, Roger Weil will schedule an on-site specialist within the stated response time to provide on-site technical support. Customers' concerns are solved by on-site professionals and remote second-line engineers working together.


4. After-sales service scope

 During the warranty period, if the equipment fails or is damaged owing to the equipment's quality, Roger Well will replace it free of charge until the system equipment functions normally.


The following conditions are not covered by the "Warranty" during the warranty period:

 1.Warranty stickers that are broken, ripped, or altered are difficult to identify;

 2.Damage resulting from incorrect storage, aberrant operation, or man-made or natural calamities

 3.Damage to the machine caused by self-assembly and replacement of any portion (such as lines, parts, and so on);

 4.Misuse or damage is caused by the use of pirated software, third-party software, and viruses that have not been certified by testing and certification authorities in related sectors.

 5.The failure caused by the skilled installation


Paid maintenance services will be given after the warranty term has expired, and related fees will be levied based on the actual scenario.