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Air Conditioning Automatic Control System Air Conditioning System Composition

2022-03-18 17:23:18

Air conditioning automatic control system is referred to as air conditioning, the purpose is to create a comfortable indoor atmospheric environment, making people feel more comfortable in the environment. Air conditioning is to send processed and processed air of a certain quality into the room to make the indoor atmosphere meet the requirements. The process of adjustment: air purification, temperature treatment, humidity treatment, the basic composition of the central air conditioning system, and the monitoring of the air conditioning system by the building automation system is mainly for the centralized central air conditioning. General window air conditioners, cabinet air conditioners, and dedicated constant temperature and humidity machines all have their own cooling, heat sources and control systems. The operation control of these air conditioners is completed by their own equipped control system. Generally not incorporated into building automation systems. The main components of the cold source system of the central air conditioner are: 1. Chiller unit (refrigeration unit) 2. Cooling tower chilled water circulation pump 3. Cooling water circulation pump, the principle of the central air conditioner Refrigerator The working principle of the compression refrigerator: the liquid refrigerant is in After absorbing the heat of the cooled object in the evaporator, it is vaporized into low-temperature and low-pressure steam, inhaled by the compressor, compressed into high-pressure and high-temperature steam, and then discharged into the condenser, where it releases heat to the cooling medium (water or air), Condensed into high-pressure liquid, throttled by the throttle valve to low-pressure and low-temperature refrigerant, and re-entered the evaporator to absorb heat and vaporize to achieve the purpose of circulating refrigeration. In this way, the refrigerant goes through four basic processes of evaporation, compression, condensation and throttling in the system to complete a refrigeration cycle.


Front-end equipment of air conditioning automatic control system: When the indoor air parameters deviate from the set value, the corresponding air conditioning technology is used to restore it to the set value. The equipment that completes the air conditioning is called air handling equipment or air conditioning unit. The air handling equipment and the cold and heat sources together constitute the central air-conditioning system. (1) Fresh air unit (2) Air conditioning unit (3) Fan coil unit (4) Variable air volume terminal device, automatic control of cold and heat sources of air conditioning system, automatic control of cold and heat sources of air conditioning system: (1) Composition of air conditioning cold source system ( Refrigerator, circulation, water pump, water collector, water divider, replenishment tank), usually these equipment and auxiliary equipment such as water treatment device are usually installed in a dedicated equipment room. A refrigeration station is usually in the basement of the refrigeration station.


Roger Well Control System (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. The company's main business is building automation systems, energy management systems, central air conditioning room monitoring, central air conditioning operation and maintenance, environmental monitoring systems, low-voltage frequency conversion cabinets, and energy-saving control cabinets , R&D and production of complete sets of low-voltage electrical appliances, providing customers with preliminary design, system debugging, equipment and system maintenance. Roger Well is the first in China to promote the energy-based and time-based air conditioning billing system based on the BACnet protocol, which can be seamlessly connected with the building automation system.

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