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The air-conditioning automatic control system effectively solves the modern complex structure of the building

2022-02-26 15:58:54

The air-conditioning automatic control system combines the requirements of the optimal combination of system, service and management to provide a reasonable, efficient, energy-saving and comfortable environment. Modern information technology and computer network technology are in a period of rapid development, and electrical design of factories, buildings, office buildings, hotels, etc. is an important part of it. Its appearance provides a strong guarantee for the establishment of the normal operation of the mechanical and electrical equipment in the building to achieve an ideal state, and the fire prevention and safety of the office building. At the same time, the powerful software is used to support the computer for information processing, data analysis, logical judgment and graphics processing, and the entire system is centrally monitored; all related equipment is started and stopped through the computer system to avoid unnecessary operations of the equipment and save system runtime. energy consumption. In this way, the main purpose of BAS is to improve the level of system management and save operating energy consumption.


The installation of the air-conditioning automatic control system requires that the storage period of the automatic control equipment, instruments and materials shall not exceed half a year before installation. For long-term storage, special storage regulations should be met. The installation of automatic control equipment should select an installation location that is easy to detect and operate correctly according to its purpose of use, and reserve corresponding maintenance space around the installation location. Automatic control equipment and instruments shall not be installed in places with vibration, humidity, mechanical damage, strong electromagnetic interference, severe temperature changes and corrosive gases. For the plug-in temperature and humidity sensor on the air duct, the support sleeve should be installed according to the thickness of the insulation layer. The casing should face the fluid in the pipe both vertically and horizontally.

The control of the ambient temperature, ambient humidity, working pressure, etc. of the air-conditioning automatic control system, for the comfortable central air conditioner, the temperature and humidity records are too high or too low to endanger the comfort, only the automatic control system can record the temperature and humidity records in the design scheme value; For the processing technology, central air conditioning is a necessary condition for the production process. Maintenance of machinery and equipment, automatic maintenance, etc., such as the pressure difference alarm of the filter device, reminding to clean up the blocked filter screen immediately, such as the chain operation of centrifugal fans and electric heaters, fan units, electric heaters must be fully Turn it off automatically, otherwise it is very likely to cause a fire accident.

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