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What are the main advantages of building automation system

2022-03-31 15:58:54

The advantage of the building automation system is that it can realize intelligent informatization: it fully presents the overall architecture of the Internet of Things, gives full play to the basic characteristics of the openness of the Internet of Things, and the upper layer uses cloud computing technology to achieve overall management and control, providing a full range of information exchange functions, Help the units in the building to maintain smooth information exchange with the outside. Humanization: Provide a comfortable environment that can be adjusted automatically, ensure people's subjective initiative, pay attention to the coordination between people and the environment, so that users can control the living and working environment in the building at any time, anywhere, and at will. Visualization: All kinds of network sensors, including all sensors in the building control system, cameras recognized by the industry, infrared radiation sensors, various access control sensors, smart water and electricity meters, fire probes, etc. The sensor network of the large-scale control system is realized, and then its invisible state is clearly presented to the user in the form of data visualization, so that the user can have a more intuitive feeling of the state of the building.楼宇自控系统

The advantages of the building automation system are energy saving: after the building is interconnected, the energy Internet enables energy consumption, carbon emission indicators and living needs to be turned into data. By collecting, sorting and mining these operating data, combined with cloud computing and cloud storage and other new technologies, apply big data analysis, conduct time-based and sub-item metering according to different energy uses and energy-consuming areas, calculate the use of electricity, water, oil, gas and other energy respectively, and predict energy consumption, and can understand different It can effectively allocate energy in a timely manner, realize efficient management of energy, and reduce management and operation costs.


The building automation system provides people with comprehensive, high-quality and fast comprehensive service functions. It is the crystallization of modern high-tech and a perfect combination of architectural art and information technology. Building automation system is an important part of intelligent building. Its monitoring scope usually includes cold and heat source system, air conditioning system, air supply and exhaust system, water supply and drainage system, power distribution system, lighting system, elevator system, etc.

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