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What does the air conditioning automatic control system include?

2022-03-18 09:59:32

The air-conditioning automatic control system conforms to the application requirements of this building development. Its appearance provides a strong guarantee for the normal operation of the mechanical and electrical equipment in the building, and the fire prevention and safety of the office building. At the same time, the powerful software is used to support the computer for information processing, data analysis, logical judgment and graphics processing, and the entire system is centrally monitored; all related equipment is started and stopped through the computer system to avoid unnecessary operations of the equipment and save system runtime. energy consumption. In this way, the main purpose of BAS is to improve the level of system management and save operating energy consumption.


The air-conditioning automatic control system includes: access control system, central air-conditioning monitoring and metering and billing system, fire alarm and fire control system, parking lot management system, etc. The system mainly collects front-end equipment (data acquisition or control module) through networking Data collection and management. The air-conditioning automatic control system can effectively solve the modern complex structure of buildings, and can combine the requirements of system, service and management optimization combination to provide a reasonable, efficient, energy-saving and comfortable environment. Modern information technology and computer network technology are in a period of rapid development, and electrical design of factories, buildings, office buildings, hotels, etc. is an important part of it.

As an important part of the clean room control system, the HVAC system mainly controls and monitors the air temperature, humidity, suspended particles, microorganisms, etc. of the production environment to ensure that the environmental parameters meet the quality requirements and avoid air pollution and cross-contamination. , while providing a comfortable environment for the operator. In addition, the HVAC system can also reduce and prevent the adverse impact of the product on the operator during the production process, and protect the surrounding environment. For clean rooms, a clean and safe space environment is a key factor that must be considered in the design of air conditioning systems.

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