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Advantages of air conditioning automatic control system

2022-03-18 09:59:34

The advantages of air-conditioning automatic control system can reduce labor intensity. For productive buildings, it can improve the control accuracy of temperature and humidity, and improve product quality; for residential and commercial buildings, it is mainly to improve people's comfort. Therefore, it can reduce energy consumption and save energy. The sensor is the primary equipment in the automatic control system. It is directly connected with the measured object. Its function is to sense the change of the measured parameter and send out a corresponding signal. There are generally three requirements when selecting a sensor: high accuracy, high stability, and high sensitivity. Most controllers of air-conditioning automatic control systems have adopted digital controllers (intelligent controllers), but simple controllers are still used in some simple control systems

Which parts of the air conditioning system need to be configured with automatic control? It mainly includes two parts: the host part of the cold and heat source and the terminal equipment part, which need to be configured with automatic control systems. The control of temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. in the air-conditioning area. For comfortable air-conditioning, whether the temperature and humidity are too high or too low will affect the comfort. Only automatic control can automatically control the temperature and humidity to the design value; for process air-conditioning, it is a necessary condition for the production process. . It has the effect of energy saving. For example, the fan speed can be reduced by adjusting the fan speed according to the load change; the energy consumption of the host can be saved by automatically opening the fresh air volume in the transition season. Equipment protection, automatic maintenance, etc., such as the differential pressure alarm of the filter, prompting to clean the blocked filter in time, and the interlock control of the fan and the heater. When the fan is turned off, the heater must be automatically turned off, otherwise it may cause a fire, etc.

How to configure the air conditioning automatic control system? Three types of equipment are required to configure the automatic control system: 1. Actuator 2. Controller 3. Sensor, sensor humidity sensor, which is used to convert parameters such as temperature and humidity into electrical signals, which are easy to input into the controller. Information organs such as the eyes and ears of the human body. Actuators, such as electric control valves, receive commands from the controller, and adjust parameters by changing the output of the control object. For example, when the electric control valve opens, it can increase the flow of cold water entering the surface cooler and reduce the supply air temperature. The controller is a direct digital controller, where all logic and control strategies are done, which is equivalent to the human brain.

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