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Multifunction controller

Multifunction controller

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Multifunction controller


Product description

AC703 networked multi-function controller is suitable for simple temperature, humidity, air quality, fan, and water pump control in business and households. It has built-in multi-function control programs. Customers can select function codes through the panel to realize the control of specific functions. The controller can It can be controlled independently, can also be controlled in the network, and can be connected to the cloud controller of Rogerwell to join the IoT cloud platform system, monitor the running status of the equipment through the mobile phone, and control the equipment remotely.

AC703 microcomputer control technology, large-screen LCD display, touch buttons, LCD display status: working mode (cooling, heating, ventilation), indoor temperature, humidity, set temperature, humidity, air quality and other parameters. Keys are: power switch/energy saving key()、Mode shift key()、Fan/Air Speed Key()and setting key()。

Instructions for use

◆Switch machine: press and hold“”to turn on the fan and the electric damper at the same time; then press and hold“”Press the key to shut down, and close the fan and electric damper at the same time.

◆Setting key: In the power-on state, press“”key to decrease the set temperature, press“”Press the key to increase the set temperature, and the set temperature changes by 0.1 each time the key is pressed.

◆Mode selection: in the power-on state, press“”key to switch the working mode, LCD display“”Indicates cooling, shows“”Indicates heating.

◆Manual device key: In the power-on state, select local control, press“”key to switch the field device on and off.


–Fashionable and classic design

–Built-in real-time clock, support 2-segment timing on and off

–Large-screen LCD backlight display

–Remote/local control switch button

–External temperature, humidity, gas and other sensors can be connected

–Proportional integral valve control

–Variable air volume, indoor differential pressure, temperature and other multi-function control

–Hot and cold mode switching

–RS485 interface (support BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU protocol)

– Keypad lock function

–Built-in multiple control function programs, no programming required

– Embedded control box or standard 86 box installation

technical parameter

–Temperature control accuracy




–temperature setting



Able to connect 2x1.5mm² or 1x2.5mm²

–working environment


–load current

3A (resistive negative), 2A (inductive negative)


5~95% RH(no condensation)


Flame retardant PC engineering plastic


touch button


86x86x16mm (WxHxD)



–Protection level



Installation drawing and wiring diagram


1. Disassemble the main control board, use a 3.5mm wide flat screwdriver to extend to the depth of the card slot along the inclined plane, and lift it upwards with a little force to open the panel.

2. Remove the cable.

3. Correct wiring according to the wiring diagram.

4. Use the two screws in the box to fix the wired controller base plate in the 86 bottom box.

5. Hang the hook on the top at a 30-degree angle, and press the bottom of the controller firmly until the upper case is stuck.







                                                                     Wiring diagram


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