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Differential pressure switch

Differential pressure switch

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Differential pressure switch


Product description

The PCT/DPS series differential pressure switch is suitable for the conversion of vacuum, pressure and differential pressure in HVAC and energy management, and can sense the positive pressure or differential pressure of the air.

Small and easy to install, this pressure transducer features a linear proportional setting knob for adjustable differential pressure. The simple check and adjustment make the converter time-saving and economical, and the pressure gauge is not needed, but the pressure gauge can be used to check the overall operation of the switch. Some common applications of PCT/DPS are as follows: air pressure control, duct monitoring, fan, filter monitoring.

PCT/DPS series pressure switches are suitable for a range of 20 to –200Pa and a height of 500 –2500Pa. It can automatically reset, and the range of adjustable peak value and start-up pressure difference is large. Product includes a SPDT switch that draws 250 VAC @ 1.5 Amps. All wiring connections use shovel connectors, and the large wire size is 16AWG. The DPS Series Pressure Transducers include a 1/2" conduit port and are housed in a IEEE No. 4 clear synthetic enclosure.

Product Specifications

Input pressure range

Substance to be tested

Air or non-degradable silicon combustion by-products

Electric power

250 VAC, 1.5 (0.4) A

range of working temperature

-40 to 185°F

(-20 to 85°C)


A set of single pole double switch

Installation method

vertical installation

huge pressure




Installation size

Order information


PCT/DPS[    ]


Peak range

Adjustable switching differential pressure


- (20~200Pa)



- (50~500Pa)



- (100~1000Pa)



- (500~2500Pa)


Note: The adjustable trigger set point in the control range is calibrated in the vertical installation position with the pressure port facing down. If the installation is in the horizontal position, the offset of 2mm water column should be deducted from the design set point. Do not install the DPS horizontally if the set point is already at the bottom of the range.

Example: PCT/DPS205A or PCT/DPS205B or PCT/DPS205


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