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Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Control System

Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Control System

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Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency Control System

Roger Well's air-conditioning energy efficiency control system adopts the integrated control box of strong and weak electricity to realize the efficient and stable operation of the air-conditioning.

The strong and weak current integrated control box not only avoids the failure of the previous strong current box and the weak current box due to the mismatch of the interface and the system cannot be used normally, but also increases the function of viewing the operating parameters of the unit on site Parameter settings, etc. have brought great convenience. In addition, for the construction wiring, because there is no need to connect the wires and cables between the strong current box and the weak current box, it not only saves the cost of wiring and wiring labor and materials, but also does not cause equipment damage due to wrong wiring in the past.

Roger Weir Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency System Control Box has the following features:

a. Integration of strong and weak current control

b. Built-in intelligent air conditioning controller

c. Built-in smart meter

d. With touch screen or LCD display

e. Field control and remote control

f. Ease of construction and maintenance

g. With BACnet MS/TP communication interface

                                               Air conditioning unit energy efficiency control box

                                                 Energy Efficiency Control of Fresh Air Units

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