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Equipment operation and maintenance management cloud platform

Equipment operation and maintenance management cloud platform

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Roger Weil's equipment operation and maintenance management cloud platform

Roger Well's equipment operation and maintenance management cloud platform adopts the current leading cloud computing management platform, cloud-based and intelligent for the operation and maintenance of electromechanical equipment, and realizes building equipment management, public safety management, energy consumption management, operation and maintenance management , property management, business management, technical management and other functions to ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment in the building.

Roger Welle equipment operation and maintenance management cloud platform architecture diagram


Our advantage

1. Realize the maintenance and management of platform accounts, including system settings, role permission settings, and unified identity authentication;

2. Provide various interface protocols of the IoT platform to realize the access management of various electromechanical devices and smart devices;

3. It can set operating parameters, linkage settings and event coordination settings for all access devices, so as to realize real-time monitoring and analysis of equipment in the building, alarm coordination linkage, and operation and maintenance management and control;

4. Display big data statistics including various equipment, environment, alarm, energy consumption, etc.;

5. The use of the mobile APP and the push of fault information greatly facilitate the property management personnel to pay attention to the abnormal operation of the equipment in a timely manner;

6. Through standardized management and monitoring of business processes such as equipment maintenance and inspection, alarm linkage is realized. For service personnel, unified demand management, dispatching and returning orders, handling overtime reminders, performing tracking and positioning, process supervision and control, and performance assessment and quantification, improve the quality of inspections, maintenance, and repairs.


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