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Efficient computer room control system

Efficient computer room control system

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Efficient computer room control system

High-efficiency computer room control system, as the name implies, is an automatic control system for high-efficiency and energy-saving control of central air-conditioning cold source system equipment. The difference between it and the traditional BA system control is that it emphasizes the comprehensive energy efficiency ratio (ie energy saving) of the computer room and the visibility of energy consumption data, including the use of a host with a higher COP value, and the use of frequency conversion technology for chilled water pumps and cooling water pumps. The cooling tower fan adopts measures such as temperature control to reduce energy consumption. At the same time, it records and analyzes real-time energy consumption data of the equipment in the equipment room, and adjusts the control logic and set value according to these energy consumption data to achieve more efficient energy saving. .


Roger Well uses iCOP high-efficiency computer room management system software (obtained national software copyright) and our self-developed DDC controller combined with our more than 10 years of computer room group control system engineering debugging experience summed up the high-efficiency logic algorithm to achieve on many projects A successful case of the comprehensive energy efficiency ratio of the computer room reaching 4.5 or more has been unanimously praised by the owner and the general contractor.

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