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Building energy management system

Building energy management system

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Building energy management system

The building energy management system is also called the energy consumption management system. Its function is to summarize and analyze the data of water, electricity, and gas in the building, analyze the energy consumption, and quantify the energy consumption data, so as to record and analyze the data through intuitive charts. , find ways to save energy in buildings and achieve energy-saving goals through building equipment monitoring systems. Roger Weil's building energy management system collects the measurement data generated by the meters installed on site, and the system performs classification and summarization to generate daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual reports and other time span reports. The energy consumption data of air conditioners, lighting, water supply and drainage, elevators, etc.) can be used to generate comparison charts. Based on these charts, property managers can know at a glance which equipment in the buildings they manage has high energy consumption, and carry out more precise energy-saving control for these large energy-consuming households, so as to achieve the purpose of building energy conservation.

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