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Intelligent air conditioning control box

Intelligent air conditioning control box

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  • Release time:2022-03-29 14:16:40
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Intelligent air conditioning control box



◆Three operating modes: cooling, heating, ventilation

◆Fan start and stop control

◆Air valve linkage control

◆Temperature detection and water valve control

◆Anti-freeze switch protection function

◆Filter pressure difference reminder function

◆Built-in clock, support 2 periods of time switch function

◆Built-in firmware, no programming required

◆Support BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU protocol, network control

◆Support connection to Roger Well cloud controller to realize the Internet of things, mobile terminal control

Function description

1) Activate-up procedure: first open the air valve DO1=1, then start the fan DO0=1 after a 2-second wait.

2) Shutdown procedure: first close the air valve DO1=0, then close the fan DO0=0 and the water valve AO0=0 after a 2-second wait.

3) The fan running condition DI0=1 is recognized, and the water valve opening AO is automatically adjusted based on the temperature AI0.

4) You may customize the cooling, heating, and ventilation modes (ventilation mode, AO does not output)

5) Fault alarm: DI1=1 fault detected, DO0=0 automated shutdown

6) Anti-freeze alert: When the anti-freeze switch alarm is detected, open the water valve 50%.

7) When the differential pressure switch is actuated, a warning signal is issued, and a warning signal is shown on the panel.


Wiring diagram


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