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Fan energy efficiency control box

Fan energy efficiency control box

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  • Release time:2022-03-09 14:17:16
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Fan energy efficiency control box



◆Strong and weak electricity are combined

◆Smart meter and energy metering function integrated

◆Detection and control of CO or CO2 concentrations

◆Intelligent communication interface (BACnet MS/TP), local display and control features

◆Reduce construction expenses and make maintenance easier

Function description

1) Automatically start and stop the blower and exhaust fan based on the difference between the measured CO or CO2 concentration and the set value to ensure that the concentration of CO or CO2 is below the set value, ensure human comfort, and save energy consumption of the fan for a long period.

2) Keep an eye on the supply and exhaust fans and remind them to be serviced if they fail.

3) Access to remote communication is restricted to remote monitoring.


                                                 Schematic diagram of automatic control

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