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Indoor temperature and humidity sensor

Indoor temperature and humidity sensor

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Indoor temperature and humidity sensor


Product description

The temperature and humidity sensor adopts high-precision temperature/humidity sensor and digital circuit. The duct-type PTFE filter and its unique high-humidity-resistant coating protect the product from long-term stable temperature and humidity collection in the air duct, and are protected from high humidity and harsh dust environments. It is used for air-conditioning or outdoor occasions where the measurement accuracy and response time of relative humidity are relatively high, and the measurement range covers 0~100%RH. Used in commercial buildings, cinemas and office buildings, laboratories with purification requirements, hospitals, electronics and pharmaceuticals, food plants, silk, paper industry, chemical and storage warehouses, cold storage computer rooms and museums, greenhouses, etc. Dew point temperature, dry and wet Reference measurement of bulb temperature.


●Sensing element, high-precision capacitive polymer sensor, high-precision thermistor

●Accuracy ±2%, ±3% (optional)

●Measuring range 0~100%RH, 0~50℃, 0~100℃, -40~60℃ (can be customized)

●Humidity output 0~10V, 4~20mA, Modbus (can be customized)

●Temperature output 0~10V, 4~20mA, Modbus (can be customized)

●Power supply: current type=24VDC, voltage type=24VAC/DC, Modbus type=24VAC/DC, passive temperature resistance=passive

●Installation form: indoor installation

●Accuracy error: Humidity: ±3%RH Temperature: ±0.2℃@25℃

●Environment: -40~100℃, ≤95% RH (no condensation)

●Protection level: Indoor type=IP30

Wiring diagram


Indoor current type temperature and humidity sensor     Indoor voltage type temperature and humidity sensor    Indoor Modbus485 temperature and humidity sensor


Order information


output type


PCT/[  ]

[  ]

[  ]



V voltage type 0-10V

(R) Indoor type


   A Current type 4-20mA

(D) Pipe type

M  Modbus485

(O) Outdoor type



Example: PCT/RH2-V-R Accuracy ±2%, 0-10V output, indoor type

               PCT/RH2-A-R Accuracy ±2%, 4-20mA output, indoor type

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